Higuayagua: Taíno of the Caribbean​

Who we are:

Higuayagua is a non-for-profit 501c3  organization that serves the broader Taino community by providing educational, cultural, and linguistic resources to all those seeking to connect with their Indigenous Caribbean ancestry. Through the 501c3, its dedicated staff and directors, we have provided aid for Native people, collected food and clothing for victims of Hurricane Maria and the Puerto Rican earthquakes. We have performed dances, storytelling, lectures, and workshops with all proceeds going back into the community in the form of High School and College Scholarships!


The Taino Indigenous community is relentless in retelling Caribbean history through a native perspective in order to dispell the myth of total Taino extinction.  Assimilation is not extermination. Our people embrace the fact that we are tripartite, but this does not negate indigenous ancestry or identity.  Historically our Indigeneity has been denied. The extinction narrative took its toll. But sciences, such as DNA, has helped us answer the question;  do modern Caribbean peoples have Taino/Indigenous ancestry? The answer is a resounding YES.  Today, we are writing ourselves back into history while simultaneously recording and preserving continuing traditions that persist in rural areas and have greatly suffered due to the stigma associated with anything Indigenous or Campesino (rural), q  Our African and Spanish ancestors are not being negated, quite the contrary.

Our  Indigenous identity and culture, which is geographically based have been neglected far too long, thus our determination is unbending.

Kasike Jorge Baracutei Estevez


Higuayagua Taino of the Caribbean is dedicated to the pursuit of ancestral knowledge, cultural endeavors and the strengthening of our community. 

Our Goals and Projects

Areito – Social Gatherings where dance, native foods, educational slide shows, history, raffles and arts and crafts, and Taino exhibits are presented.


Art shows for contemporary Taino artists​
Language programs​
History programs​
Arts and crafts workshops​